A Letter to the Community

I would like to begin by thanking the residents of the Penn Yan Central School District for their continued support for the school budget.  Each year, the budget process requires approximately nine to ten months of planning and preparation to put forward a quality proposal that is also fiscally responsible.  Due to the continued support, Penn Yan continues to have one of the strongest school systems in the region.  The opportunities we can offer to our students and the quality of our education are true points of pride.  
This year was unique in that all voters were mandated to vote by absentee ballot.  I would like to congratulate the staff that were able to pull off the coordination of mailing out over 8000 postcards, ballots, and newsletters in a reduced timeline.  Unfortunately, as well as it went, it was not perfect.  A handful of ballots were mailed and reportedly not received, the deadlines changed during the process, and the rules about when ballots could be received were also adjusted.  Please realize that, as a district, we take the active participation in the voting process very seriously.  It is one way that we can judge how well we are meeting our community's expectations.  
We welcome your input any time of year.  Please feel free to give me a call at the District Office at 315-536-3371.  I would be glad to find a time to listen to your concerns or suggestions on how to make Penn Yan an even greater school system.  Feel free to attend a Board of Education meeting.  These are held approximately twice a month and the information can be found on our website at www.pycsd.org or you can call the number above for more information. 
Once again, thank you to the community for your support, not just at budget time, but throughout the year.  
Thank you 
Howard Dennis