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District Health & Wellness

Healthy Happenings!
24 PYCSD staff members enjoyed a fun evening making their own holiday signs under the instruction of Jenna Owen of Splintered.  This activity focused on the social interaction portion of the Wellness Wheel. Creative activities are a great way to manage stress too!  
PYCSD staff members participated in the St. Michaels School Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning!  #pycsdwellness
turkey trot team participants
Wellness Wheel
PYCSD Wellness Committee Members
Becki Bailey, Co-Chair
Jon MacKerchar, Co-Chair
Kristen Bray, PYE
Katrina Davenport, PYA
Heather Fitzgerald, PYMS
Jason Hassos, PYMS
Warren Kinsey, PYA
Sean O'Malley, PYE
Ann Paige, PYA
Susan Pallar, PYE
Kiki Seago, PYA
Vicki Strickland, PYA
Shana Toner, PYE
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Compliance Notice Regarding Wellness Program for Employees of the Penn Yan Central School District