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Yates Xmas Program

Yes, there will be Christmas in 2020. The Yates Christmas Program is creative and flexible in light of the pandemic’s limitation on safe assembling. There will not be a distribution of clothing, toys, games, and blankets as in other years, but keeping the health and safety of families and volunteers in mind, a drive-through distribution of gift cards will be Santa’s solution (Cont.)
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Dept. of Health Guidelines for Students

A brief video from PYE Nurse Mrs. Bray of what to do when your child is ill, showing Covid-19 symptoms, and the procedure that will be handled within the School.
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Community Response Letter

Recently the District was presented a letter from a group of students, parents, alumni, and community members concerning the District’s actions surrounding Equity, Inclusivity, and Race. This letter requested that the District take appropriate steps and actions to guarantee that the PYCSD has systems in place and is responding appropriately to all issues concerning these topics.
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Friday Update

The District is working at a feverish pace to put the final details together for your child's return. We are very excited to have them back. Here are a few updates and reminders
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A Toolkit for Helping Your Child Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask is important and will help us stop the spread of COVID-19. Most places are requiring people to wear a mask right now. As you start to go out more, you may worry about your child’s safety and ability to wear a mask.
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'Middle School Rocks' Miniseries Ep.4 - The PYMS Program

Principal Johnson gives us a rundown of what kinds of classes and opportunities await you as new 6th graders, an outline of an average day, and an overview of what you can expect as you begin your journey through the Middle School from 6th to 8th grade. Don't forget to fill out some questions in our Q&A Google Form for next week's final episode:
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Middle School Supply List

Here is a compiled list of required School Supplies for each Middle School grade level - 8th, 7th, 6th. These should be mailed out as well, and posted on our Facebook page.
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Facebook Live Community Input

We will offer a brief review of our current reopening plan by building and then have time for questions to be answered. In order to take part in this, simply go to the PYCSD Facebook page atthe chosen time and you will be able to watch and add questions to the chat feature.
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Gov. Cuomo's August 7th Requirements and Info Consolidation

On August 7th, Governor Cuomo required that schools extract three specific components of their plan and post them again on the school district website. This document includes the Testing for COVID-19 plan, Contact Tracing Plan, the handbook for Remote Learning, and the link to our on-going community frequently asked questions document. CLICK THE TITLE FOR THE FULL DOCUMENT.
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'Middle School Rocks' Miniseries Ep.2 - MS Tour!

Our 2nd installment in our 5-part series, a guided tour of the building! New 6th graders and their parents can familiarize yourselves with the building layout, where classrooms are and what they contain, lunch periods, morning auditorium meetings, the gym and more! Don't forget to fill out the Google Form for our upcoming Q&A Panel video:
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Statement on Equity, Inclusivity, and Race

In late June and early July the District embarked on a plan to reflect on and improve our practices concerning Equity, Inclusivity, and Race. Although we feel we have been doing some things to address this issue, we realize that in these difficult times, we can always do more and better
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'Middle School Rocks' Miniseries Ep.1 - Awesome Teachers!

Our first installment of the 5-part miniseries, 'Middle School Rocks.' This episode is an introduction to your new 6th Grade Teachers, tune in and you can see how great they all are! The next videos will be posted every Wednesday going forward, at 7:00 pm - including a building tour, staff introductions, and a Q&A panel. If you have a question as a new 6th grade student, or a parent of a new student, here's a link ( ) to a google form to submit your questions to be addressed during the Q&A video that will conclude the series. We're so excited to begin this new 6th grade adventure with you!

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