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Office of Student Support Services


Office Location:

Penn Yan Elementary School, Rm. 44 and 45

3 School Drive

Penn Yan, NY 14527

Phone: (315) 536-3399
Fax: (315) 536-2514
Office of Student Support Services Personel 
Stacey Barden

Director of Student Support Services

Karen Ellis

Assistant to the Director of Student Support Services

Mara Wood

CSE/CPSE Receptionist

The Special Education Office is Supervised by Stacey Barden, Director of Student Support Services. The Penn Yan Central School District offers a continuum of programs to students with disabilities. Program placements of individual students are always done with the Least Restrictive Environment in mind. An emphasis is placed upon maintaining students in mainstream classrooms to the maximum extent possible.

Special Education Programs

Integrated Co-Teaching

Integrated co-teaching classrooms exist in grades K - 12. At each grade level, one to two classroom teachers team with a special education teacher to provide support for special education students within a general education setting.

Resource Rooms

Resource rooms exist at the Penn Yan Academy. Each resource room has a maximum of 5 students and is designed to provide supplemental instruction in academic areas that need to be strengthened.

Consultant Teaching

Consultant teaching provides both direct and indirect support for special education students. Direct support consists of direct instruction within a mainstream setting. Indirect support consists of curriculum modification and consultation with the mainstream teacher.

8:1:1 Class PYE

8:1:1 classes are located at PYE and are for elementary aged special education students whose behavioral issues are so severe that they cannot function in a general education classroom. The goal of this program is to teach the students the behavioral skills to cope with the mainstream environment so that they can be returned to general education class.

Related Services

Related services are determined individually according to student needs by the CSE. The following related services are available for special education students:

Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Social Skills Training
Interpreting services for deaf students
Vision Services
Nursing Services
Music Therapy