PYA Drama Club Presents Head Over Heels

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shows will begin at 7PM, with a Sunday Matinee at 2PM. Tickets for the live performances and the livestream are available online at at $9 for Children 10/under, $13 for students/seniors, $14 for adults, or $16 for the livestream option. Tickets can also be purchased at the door for a dollar more. Remember that the Drama Club’s productions are entirely financed by ticket sales - come support our students, see a great show, and help us keep local theatre alive and well in Penn Yan!

In the land of Arcadia, the people are ruled by their long-time king, Basilius (Sophomore Owen Droney) and queen, Gynecia (Freshman Juliet Chaffee). Their kingdom has seen an age of prosperity, thanks to “the Beat,” which keeps them all going and keeps Arcadia on track for greatness. 

This prosperity is not meant to last, however. When the Oracle Pythio (Senior Oliver Perez) delivers a prophecy indicating that Arcadia's Beat will fail and the kingdom will fall, Basilius sets off on the road with his family, his assistant Dametas (Junior Leah Prather), and his citizens in the hopes of circumventing the prophecy and saving their home. As handmaid Mopsa (Senior Emma Eichenhofer) reminds him, though, “A man oft meets his destiny on the same road he takes to avoid it.” 

The Arcadians’ journey proves trying, and each member of the party is forced to come to terms with their own struggles, obstacles, and failures. Pamela (Senior Addyson Webber), a princess who sees little beyond her own beauty, has found it difficult to choose a suitor with whom she is a match and must decide what love really means for her. Philoclea (Sophomore Ella Kinsey), the king and queen’s younger daughter, has found love - in a lowly shepherd boy named Musidorus (Senior Gale/Ezra Paddock) - forcing her to choose between following tradition or following her heart. By the end of the journey, none of the travelers are who they were when they set out - and many have found their truest selves along the way. 

Arcadia is populated by a talented ensemble cast including Sunny Homhouane, Campbell McCroskey, Eve Harvey, Zoee Comstock, Melissa Villegas, Cade Hinkal, Griffen Fletcher, Porter Reynolds, Rhiannon LyonSmith, and Meggie Pratt, who help share this heartfelt tale through well-known 80’s hits like “We Got the Beat,” “Vacation,” “Mad About You,” “Head Over Heels,” and “Heaven is a Place on Earth.”