Student Safety Matter (click here for full details)

The Penn Yan Central School District’s top priority is the safety of our students.  

We recently have been made aware of several students within Yates County that have been victimized by an online predator. This person(s) has created numerous social media accounts, friended students and proceeded to obtain very personal and private images and information about these students. The predator is now using this information to “blackmail” the students to provide additional pictures and information with the threat of sharing what has already been provided on social media sites and other public entities. The State Police are involved and investigating all leads.

We currently implement curriculum derived from to educate our students in, “What it Means to be a Digital Citizen, Cyberbullying, The Impact of Your Digital Footprint,” and more.  We also teach our students that “if you see something, say something,” regardless of whether the observed concern is in-person or on social media.  

In light of these recent reports, we ask that you please take a moment and speak with your child(ren) about their social media presence and activities.  Common Sense Education offers numerous resources to support parents in having these conversations with their children. Below are links to only a few, of the many, resources available from Common Sense Education and other online platforms:

If you have questions about how to have these conversations with your child, please contact your child’s counselor.  If you believe your child has been targeted by this online predator please contact School Resource Officer Stewart at 315-536-4408 or School Resource Officer Mullins at 315-536-3346.