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Employee Assistance Program

Working in an education environment, you face unique challenges… Today, employees face special challenges – budget cuts, students at risk, parental issues – and more recently, the challenges around providing for students during a pandemic. In addition to these on-the-job stressors, you juggle the challenges of your own personal and family issues. Usually, we can handle problems on our own, but sometimes it makes sense to reach out for help. That is why PYCSD provides you and your family with a confidential Employee Assistance Program (or EAP), a benefit offering resources and solutions for the problems you encounter. Just as health insurance addresses your physical health, your EAP benefits help with your emotional and mental well-being. Additionally, your EAP benefits include much more than just help for problems – we have a host of benefits and opportunities to help you grow professionally, save money, improve your health, and enhance your personal life! Educators’ EAP is the only EAP specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by all employees – not just teaching staff - in an educational environment. This benefit has no cost to you!
Getting the help you need is simple. Call the EAP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to reach a professional counselor via our toll-free number or log on to our website to access other benefits.

Your EAP provides access to more problem-solving solutions and life enhancement benefits than any other EAP.
(24/7 to reach a professional counselor)
(you will need to register using Penn Yan CSD as your organization)