Employment (Non-Teaching)

Non-Teaching Positions
Katie Champlin, District Clerk
phone: 315-536-3371
e-mail: [email protected]
Registered Professional Nurse Substitutes Needed at PYCSD

Applicants should apply to Yates County Personnel Department at:
Please call 315-536-3371 for further information.
Current Positions Available:
(As of 9/18/23)
Bus Driver
Bus Attendant
School Monitor
Substitute Custodial Worker
Substitute Custodian
Substitute Bus Driver
Substitute Bus Attendant
Substitute Keyboard Specialist
Substitute Clerk
Substitute Registered Nurse
Substitute Food Service Helper
Substitute Auto Mechanic
Please complete the Yates County Personnel Office Application.  (see below)  or visit https://mycivilservice.yatescounty.org/ to apply (check for current/ongoing exams as well)